Holy Trinity Church

Anglican worship in Geneva

Sermons on Faith

Sermon for the Day of Pentecost – 19th May 2024

Christine Housel – AI Ethics Adviser The disciples were all together in one place, we learn that it was early in the morning. Unlike several weeks earlier, in the Upper Room, where they were mourning, grieving, disappointed, fearful, and discombobulated, today they are full of anticipation for what’s next. Why? Because they have seen the risen Lord. They have seen the marks…

Sermon for Sunday 10th March 2024

Sermon John 3:15-21 Snakes get a rum deal in our society. They slither along on their bellies, flickering their tongues and very often scare ladies. I was in a zoo once and they got out this big boa constrictor, and the keeper stood, holding the snake, and we could all touch it.  Obviously, as a brave man, I was not scared… but…