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“Medicine in the Middle Ages” at the Abbey Library, St Gallen

Eight of us from Holy Trinity visited the St Gallen library on 1 October 2016.  Five members of the congregation of St Andrew’s Zurich joined us on the train in Zurich.  The train was very crowded, so we got to know one another over a cup of coffee in the town of St Gallen before being shown around the exhibition by our…


A different way of celebrating a ‘family Eucharist’:  our church family includes many different nationalities and so, for a change, we are going to use at the 10.30 family Eucharist this month the Eucharistic rite from a different part of the world, represented by quite a few members of our congregation.  On Sunday 23 October, with Bishop Robert’s permission, we shall celebrate…


All Souls Day is the day when we particularly commemorate and pray for our sisters and brothers who have died.  Lists are now in church for those whom you wish to remember and pray for at the Requiem Mass that evening, at 19h30.  On this occasion to help our prayers and devotion there will be some very special music (the Requiem by…


Thanks to the many people who passed on their quality Christmas cards to us, members of the Craft Group have for some time been busily “recycling” them for the Christmas Fair. More than ever, the result is a superb collection to suit all tastes, with the usual low prices (rectangular 1 fr each, square 3 fr for 2 cards).  Starting on Sunday,…

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