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Anglican worship in Geneva

Sermons from December 2023

Sermon for Sunday 17th December 2023 – Third Sunday of Advent: John the Baptist, the Witness, the Negater and the Warner

One more week to go!  And so we have the third Sunday in Advent, when we remember John the Baptist by lighting the third candle. John the Baptist does three things: he puts himself down to raise Jesus up. He gives us evidence. He cautions us to not get lazy. He raises Jesus up. He gives us evidence. He cautions us to…

Sermon for Sunday 10th December 2023 – the Second Sunday of Advent

One of my favourite memories of Christmas Eve when I was a child, was polishing silver.  It may seem an implausible pleasure but it is true.  My mother had about six silver bowls, some small and others medium-sized which were carefully stored away during the year.  On Christmas Eve, they would be ceremoniously brought out of the cupboard, wrapped in last year’s…