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Holy Trinity & The Environment


Eco Church is a program offered by A Rocha UK that encourages churches in England, Wales, and the Diocese in Europe to demonstrate their commitment to caring for the environment. A Rocha provides online resources and a survey to help churches integrate environmental stewardship into various aspects of their ministry, including Worship and Teaching, Building Management, Land, Community and Global Engagement, and Lifestyle.

Holy Trinity has been registered with A Rocha (A Rocha Eco church) for some time and has achieved an Eco Church award at the Bronze level. We are now aiming for the Silver level.

Caring for Creation

Caring for Creation does not stop with prayer! We need to act.

Actions on an individual or organisation level can influence our climate both here in Geneva and throughout the world.

As a chaplaincy we are aiming to become an Eco Church, an award scheme run by A Rocha UK for churches who want to demonstrate that “the gospel is good news for God’s earth”. One of the aims is to look at our shopping habits both for church events and at home.

How do you choose which product to buy from the range available? Do you knowingly select products made by companies that pay very low wages, take actions which negatively effect the climate or have unfair trading terms? No, probably not. So, we all need to look at our shopping habits both for refreshments for church and for home.

Together, as a congregation lets us look to buy locally grown, Fairtrade, or animal welfare friendly products wherever possible. Ideally a combination of all of these if we can. You might also want to consider organic products.

Does changing to Fairtrade coffee for refreshments after services make a difference? In Switzerland we consume around 9 million kgs of coffee per year, that’s roughly 1,100 cups per person per year. Imagine all that coffee being consumed being Fairtrade, surely that would be good for both coffee farmers and the environment?

Did you know Geneva is a “Fairtrade town”? The Ville also promotes local sustainable food shopping with details on its website. A website link for this and suggestions of where to buy Fairtrade products in both Switzerland and France are shown at the end of the article.

Next time you go shopping look out for these marks/logos. Let us see if together we can start to make a difference.

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