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The Holy Trinity Newsletter – formerly a monthly publication – has now been replaced with the Holy Trinity Magazine, a quarterly publication with Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter editions which are available in hard copy by post, is emailed by mailchimp to all those on our mailing list  or may be consulted online on this website.

The editorial committee consisting of five volunteers, used to work in a deliberately artisanal fashion, collating, manually cutting and pasting articles that were supplied by church members on a variety of interesting church-related topics, including a message from the Chaplain and Council reports when available. However, due to a growing preference for online information and the increasing printing costs of the former publication, the same committee now sources and collates material which is processed into a computer document and produced in the church office in a more cost-effective way.

2019 was the first year of the experiment and while the actual format may yet undergo further changes, the Magazine is still intended to serve as a forum for information and inspiration and contributions are eagerly sought from our readers and parishioners! Readers and contributors comprise not only current church members but also former parishioners who have moved away from Geneva but still like to keep in touch. There is a strong sense of fellowship and service among the editorial group and they believe that this modest publication represents a positive outreach by our church.

For the time being (and until a thorough costing of the operation is carried out) there is no subscription charge for the Magazine.

Requests for inclusion on the mailing list for a hard (paper) copy should be addressed to the church office.

Articles or letters for inclusion should be sent to Jenny Buffle by email (jjbuffle@gmail.com) or by regular post to 12 chemin La Parisaz, 1291 Commugny.

Recent Issues of the HTC Magazine

More about Methodius – Erratum:

Dr. Schaab is not a monk in St. Gallen.  There have been no monks in St. Gallen since 1805.  He is head of the library in Stuttgart.  His speciality is the middle ages and he has worked extensively in St. Gallen.