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Holy Trinity Church  Geneva, over the years has been blessed and enriched spiritually by having access to a rich pool of Anglican clergy available to us in Geneva who worship and preach regularly at HTC.  To start with, we have the World Council of Churches head-quartered in Geneva.  And then, Geneva hosts the European Headquarters of the United Nations at the Palais des Nations, with several UN organisations and Agencies who also have their headquarters here, like the International Labour Organisation, the World Health Organisation, The World Intellectual Property Organisation, The World Meteorological Organisation, The World Trade Organisation, the UN High Commission for Refugees and the UN High Commission for Human Rights, to name but a few.  In addition, many NGOs are also headquartered here, including the Red Cross, The Federation of Red Cross & Red Crescent Societies and the YMCA.  Truly a special privilege.

We have had Archbishop Desmond Tutu preach to us, as well as having the privilege of Nelson Mandela participating in a Sunday Service while visiting Geneva, following his release from prison in 1990 , having been imprisoned by the then South African Apartheid Regime for 27 years. 

We also have access to clergy from the Episcopalian Church in Geneva, as well as Anglican churches in Lausanne and La Côte in the Canton de Vaud, and Divonne-les Bains in neighbouring France.  Given the nature of Ecumenicical Geneva, we also have close contacts with other denominations who have congregations in Geneva, like the Old Catholics, The Church of Scotland and the Lutherans.

The following are some of the clergy who have been with us from time to time, preaching, assisting and taking on interregnums.