Holy Trinity Church

Anglican worship in Geneva

The Holy Trinity Choir – a personal reflection on why being a member of the choir is so enjoyable – Part 3

Discovering the choir experience has been an incredibly enjoyable journey for me. Upon my arrival in Geneva one Friday, I found myself uncertain about where to attend worship on the upcoming Sunday. As a member of the choir, my faith is deeply rooted in serving the church and being part of a community. Faced with this dilemma, I opened Google Maps on that Sunday morning, initially planning to go to St. Pierre, the only location I was familiar with at the time.

However, serendipity led me to Holy Trinity Church, a mere 5 minutes from my place. Without hesitation, armed with some ‘evidence’ of my qualifications as a choir member, I entered HTC. To my surprise, it was the warm-hearted church members who asked me, ‘Do you want to join the choir?’ This moment brought tears to my eyes, as it aligned perfectly with my prayer: ‘If this is the home you’ve prepared for me, let people invite me to stay, and then I will be confirmed.’ True to His promise, my prayer was answered.

Jenny graciously guided me to the rehearsal choir, where the fantastic director, Mark, handed me his hymn books and invited me to join. The following week, I discovered my name tagged in the choir music cubbyhole – I had found my home!

Over the past almost two years of singing with the choir, we’ve created countless precious memories. From celebrating the Choir Festival in Zurich to participating in joint services at St. Germain and the Ecumenical service at St. Pierre, every experience has been a learning opportunity. Despite the challenges of adapting to new music, different notations, and languages, each hurdle brought its own joy, and I can confidently say that I am improving with time.

What makes this choir truly special is the sense of family among its members. We care for each other, providing comfort and encouragement through both words, deeds and music. I am immensely grateful for our choir and Holy Trinity Church in Geneva. They have become my sanctuary, making me feel at home and offering unwavering support at all times.