Holy Trinity Church

Anglican worship in Geneva

The Holy Trinity Choir – a personal reflection on why being a member of the choir is so enjoyable – Part 2

The first time I visited Holy Trinity I didn’t know a soul in Geneva, or Europe for that matter, but on my very first visit to Evensong our directer Mark said the three words everyone longs to hear, “Do you sing?” I came and sang with the choir one Sunday evening and when I came back the next week my name was on a box in the choir closet and I’d been assigned a robe and music pack! 

Having grown up in the Presbyterian church most of the music we sing here was new to me. It has been a wonderful experience to learn new music and to gain new skills such as learning how to read the notation for Anglican Chant. Some of my best memories of my time here in Europe are with the choir. Getting to travel to Chichester Cathedral to sing evensong, singing at the British Ambassadors Christmas Party two years in a row, and the Advent Carol Service at St Germain are some of my best memories. 

While assisting worship through music might be what brings the choir together, what makes the choir such a wonderful part of church life is the incredible community that comes from involvement with such a great group of people. Being in the choir helped to connect me to the rest of the church and gave me a solid group of friends who introduced me to the wider church community. Folks really look out for each other and notice when you’re down or might need some help. I’ve been incredibly well cared for. 

After evensong pub trips became a special part of the week for me and I am incredibly grateful for all of the quality time I get with my church family. In the end, the church and the choir carried me along in my spiritual journey as I grew in my faith and understanding. In the end I had the joy of getting confirmed in the Church of England. I even got to sing with my closest friends at my own confirmation service! If you are new to Geneva or even just visiting for a while, don’t miss out on the opportunity to sing such amazing music with such amazing people!