Holy Trinity Church

Anglican worship in Geneva

Pierre Ludovic [Ludo] Claude

I am a multi-national waterpreneur and co-founder of Aquaful, https://getaquaful.com/, a social enterprise on a mission to improve health outcomes by providing equitable and affordable access to clean water in low-income countries. After earning an MBA from the University of Oxford and working as an investment banker in London, I moved back to Geneva in December 2020. I am fluent in French, English and  Bafang (a Cameroonian dialect), and proficient in Spanish. My interests include international development, social entrepreneurship, and moon walking dance. I am also an alumnus of the Community of St Anselm, https://www.stanselm.org.uk/, a community set up by Archbishop Justin Welby in 2015. I have been elected to council in May 2023, and serve as an Archdeaconry Synod representative. Get in touch if you’d like to know more.