Holy Trinity Church

Anglican worship in Geneva

Happy Easter from Julia

Good morning,
and a very happy Easter to you all !
As though celebrating Christ’s resurrection wasn’t gift enough, I have found myself reflecting on what have been my best Easter gifts this year.
Top of the list, without doubt, has been that we have been able to welcome real life people back into church on Easter Day. What a joy this has been. The only sad note there (The French would say “un petit bémol”) that technology let us down and we were speaking heartily to a non-working camera and many of you could not share in our joy…We shall do better next Sunday!
Next on top of the list must be that restrictions are being lifted more and more, and therefore seeing your posts on facebook and other showing pictures with the loved ones you were finally reunited with. Priceless! 
As an avid chocaholic, I did enjoy, of course, receiving a VERY LARGE Cream Egg from my lovely husband!!! Although…. I do miss those lovely little eggs that one can buy in large bags at the Migros or Coop in Geneva – and which were the stars of Holy Trinity’s Easter egg hunts – before Corona hit, of course. Hopefully, I can buy some next year for your Easter egg hunt!
What else? Well, for a while now I have been wanting to see those English bluebells for real. And, would you believe, I think, I found some when I was out on my walk yesterday!! Photo attached -We should get some for the community garden!

Talking of walking – I remembered on Monday that that was the prime occupation on Easter Monday in my childhood (I suppose to off-set the staggering amounts of boiled and painted eggs that had been hidden, found and consumed the day before – never less than 30, most times many more).Walking on Easter Monday could also become a political gesture as all over Germany “Easter Marches” would happen to call for peace in the world. Do you have such a tradition here? I quite like this declination of the spreading of Easter joy.
Of course, I am curious to know what your best Easter “gifts” have been this year – why not post them on our facebook page so we can all share in each other’s joy? Here is a thread where you can share: https://www.facebook.com/AscensionAllSS/photos/a.498049763616038/3930008647086782/
Don’t forget: Eastertide carries on – so watch out for those Easter gifts and blessings.
I do wish you much Easter joy during the coming weeks!
With all blessings,
P.S.: Did you know that the French believe that the bells (“les cloches”) bring all the Easter chocolates? And there I was thinking that it was unlikely rabbits would do such a thing…..

Rev Julia LaceyAssistant Curate