Holy Trinity Church

Anglican worship in Geneva

Craft Group

Meets Fridays at 14:15 in the Church Hall .. and sometimes in the mountains!

The Craft Group is summed up well in the notice in the Sunday Orders of Service : we meet for Fellowship (with a big F) and Crafts. We are a dozen members, sometimes more, sometimes less, meeting in the Church Hall on Friday afternoons from 2.15 to 4.30 producing various hand-worked articles for our own use or, more generally, for the annual Christmas Fair. Chatting over tea and cakes we have become friends and share our delights and worries. In case of need or illness we visit each other and we arrange several social events for the Group outside the weekly meetings (e.g. summer barbecue, Christmas lunch). In October / November we have an all-day “workshop” once or twice a week in the Group leader’s house in Meyrin to prepare Christmas articles for the Fair; for some years now this has included the manufacture of over a thousand “recycled” Christmas cards.
Visitors and newcomers are always welcome and we keep in touch with a number of former members.