Holy Trinity Church

Anglican worship in Geneva

Care for the Environment – suggestions/comments on soup and buying cereals

Plastic free lunch

A tub of soup is a popular quick and easy lunch but today mine was made using leftover butternut squash.

20 minutes from start to finish and a good excuse for not sitting at the computer. 

The only downside is sometimes having to share!

Soup for lunch

Breakfast Cereal and Paper bags – a holey problem

Twice I have bought cereal in paper bags to discover a hole had appeared in the bottom of the bag the next morning resulting in cereal on the floor rather than the bowl.

On my third attempt in a different shop there was a hole in the side before I got home resulting in a balancing act on the bus trying not to spill it.

What is it people say about not learning from your mistakes?

Apparently you can take your own container into some shops so next time …..

Cereal in a bag with a hole