Holy Trinity Church

Anglican worship in Geneva

Be creative – What does Easter mean to me?

Here are some pictures, a poem and a story from the congregation responding to our challenge

Easter means the resurrection of Jesus Christ. For me Easter brings us hope and guidance by knowing that Jesus is present in our lives. (Renaté)


or how even a disgruntled old hare cannot be grumpy at Easter

Dorinda, Easter 2021

A great banging on his front door rudely awakened Harvard Hopkins from a deep sleep that he was enjoying, rolled up in a snug rug at the very end of his burrow in the highest bank of the deepest forest in Switzerland.  He had been dreaming, like Oberon, of a bank where the wild thyme blows when Bang, Bang, Bang, there it went again!

Dragging himself to his front door and looking through a chink, he saw a bunch of young rabbits excitedly bobbing up and down outside.  Opening his door he growled at them to go away.

“But Harvey, it’s going to be Easter at the weekend and we need your help with the decorations!” cried the bunnies.

“My name is Harvard, not Harvey,” grumbled the grumpy old hare.  “One of my ancestors, I’ll have you know, went to a famous university in America.  I am not the Easter Bunny and have far more important things to do!”

And with that, he slammed the door tight shut.

Next to come banging at the door was Filomena Frisket.  Harvard looked up from his papers and perceived the most fashionable rabbit in the forest in her new Easter bonnet trimmed with pansies, roses and forget-me-nots.  “Oh dear,” thought he, “I suppose I must let her in”.  True to her name, Filomena came in with light, frisky steps and plonked herself down in an armchair.  Cups of tea in hand, the conversation turned to what she had really come for. 

“We were wondering whether you might have some little wicker baskets that we could use to put the Easter eggs in…”

“No, I do not,” Harvard glowered at her over the rim of his teacup.  “I am not the Easter Bunny and you really should start organizing these things in good time, you know.  I’m far too busy with my papers to start poking about looking for baskets.  Now begone with you!”

“Silly old Harvey Hare,” muttered the offended lady as she walked away.

“It’s Harvard!” he bellowed into the air after her.  But she had gone.

Barnaby Burrow was the next: Bang, Bang, Bang on the door.

“Oh, what on earth do you want?” asked Harvard, intensely annoyed about being interrupted once again in his study of a paper on the nocturnal habits of the lesser spotted spoonbill (or some such outlandish bird).

“I need your advice, Harv,” blurted out the young bunny.  “I want to ask Lisa Langstrampf to the Easter Parade Ball and don’t know what to say.”

“Well, why do you think I know what you should say?”  asked Harvard irritably.  “I’m not the Easter Bunny; I’ve never been out with a girl – and it’s Harv…”

But Barnaby Burrow had already run off in a great fright, alarmed at the dark clouds of discontent that he had stirred up.

Harvard went back to his studies and even started writing a paper on wading birds.  After tea, he switched on his TV and saw how everybody was preparing for Easter and all the fun they were having and, indeed, expected to have over the next few days.  Then the President of Switzerland came on and said a few words; Songs of Praise was held in a pretty church surrounded by wild violets and daffodils; even the Pope had something to say.  Suddenly, Harvard thought:

“Why am I like this?  I’m getting more and more like Scrooge with every day that passes!” 

“Now what did those little bunnies want – Easter decorations?”

Harvard went to the big chest of drawers that had belonged to his granny and found a stash of brightly coloured ribbons and some lace.  He put it in a pouch and went out to find the bunnies.  They were so pleased and, after he had left of course, said that “Good Old Harvey wasn’t such a bad sort after all!”

Now for the wicker baskets.  Harvard knew perfectly well that he had a whole cupboardful of them, because he himself had made them during the long winter evenings when there’s nothing much to do except eat and sleep.  So he got an orange Sainsbury’s bag and filled it with little baskets, which he then took round to Filomena’s.  The Dowager Rabbit was delighted and forgave Harvard his disgruntlement of earlier.  She flickered her eyelashes at him and made pointed references to the Easter Parade Ball until Harvard bethought himself of his work and made polite excuses.

And while on the subject of the ball, “why,” Harvard asked himself, “had he been so short with Barnaby Burrow?”  He was walking through some woodland and saw some pretty wild flowers in the grass.  Quickly making a charming little posy, he walked swiftly to Barnaby’s house. 

“I think that if you take this posy to Lisa’s house and offer it to her, she will probably agree to come with you to the ball,” was Harvard’s advice to Barnaby, and he was right!

So Harvard set all his papers and his work to one side, put on his best waistcoat and went out to have fun with all his forest friends.  Thus was he saved from becoming a bitter, disgruntled, grumpy, grumbling, growling,

                                    Oh alright! You know the rest!  Of course it’s a happy ending!


Easter Eggs

Edith Easter 2021

Easter eggs flood our way, hurray.

Breeding fast leads to success

Too much chocolate on our counters, go away

Crossing the border, you need a certificate to access.

Easter bunny, you don’t need me honey

Run and deliver flowers and Easter eggs

Spring is on its heels as it gets sunny

Be careful crossing roads, or else you break a leg.

Sounds familiar in Spring season

Judas sold Jesus for 30 pieces of silver

God paid a high price for our treason

Thinking about it, gives me the quiver.

Whether you have golden eggs in the Bank

It’s where your market field and heart are

Or a chocolate factory that produces different rank

The labour is plentiful but the harvest is his share.

We are God’s people all in need of a chocolate

During the time of a dark year

With rum, cream, praline or coffee taste

We all need each a good cheer.

Whether Frigor, Frey, Lindt or hare fair

That keeps Jesus out of the market square

You pay for what you get in there

He shows up every feast and inherits your share.

We nailed him onto the cross, so don’t get crossed

For our sins and disobedience, he felt deeply sorrow

Amongst thieves and delinquents, he experienced a great loss

We need His healing and await patiently till tomorrow.

Easter without Jesus is unthinkable

We have to look beyond eggs and sweets

Commercialism is taking over spiritualism

Jesus is all you need, and you will get your decree.