Holy Trinity Church

Anglican worship in Geneva

An Easter message from Julia

A very sunny morning to you all!
What a wonderful start to Holy Week – which can be, let’s face it, a bit glum at times. We are asked to be reflective and quiet, maybe to fast, definitely to be prayerful as we approach Good Friday.
But nature has decided that it isn’t sackcloth and ashes this week – rather Life bursting out at the seems from every tree, bush and garden plant. The birds are frisky and the rabbits – well, they have had their first escape yesterday. Great entertainment for the neighbours at the back of our garden and the first time we have actually met them.Thankfully a concerned neighbour rang every door bell to find out who might have lost some grey rabbits promenading in their front garden 😂. They were clearly checking out the Easter egg routes for Sunday!
After a bit of a to do they all returned home and all holes were blocked. Knowing them it will only be temporary though.
Talk of Life bursting out at the seems! 
On a sadder note I have to say that one of our rabbits, great big Brownie, won’t probably make it to Easter. She is rather ill and we have moved to palliative care hoping that she will be able to go peacefully at least. For now, she is hanging in there, so who knows?
Back to a more cheerful tone: John and Frances have been working very hard yesterday to make the church garden look wonderful for when we will be able to be back in church on Easter Sunday. As John said, he just wants to “put a smile on people’s faces” – do stop by on your walk to see all the beautiful flowers and fresh beds.While you are there, you won’t be able to miss our first edible plant in the community garden: anybody fancy some rhubarb?

If you come this way, have a look if they need water – or if they are already big enough to be picked (well, maybe give it a couple of weeks).  There is a water butt on the side of the church that John installed. It hasn’t rained yet but hopefully it will fill up soon so that we can easily water our garden. There will also be a hose and very soon a box with garden tools – so that you can get stuck in!
Do let us know if you have any spare plants that can go into our first simple “pallet planting box” which you can see at the fence to Fr Tom’s front garden – – we thought maybe strawberries?
Some of you have been very generous and have given money towards the garden project. That is very welcome as we will probably need to purchase tools and other materials. But we won’t need a lot of money because we have also been offered donations of soil and timber and other things. Also, this project will hopefully expand in the future to include group meetings and maybe even a cookery course. However if your gift is “earmarked” as “community garden” we will need to put it into a restricted fund which then can only be used for the garden work itself.
If you still would like to participate through giving, maybe you could give to the general church fund so that we can allocate money as we go along to the different parts of the project – and any left-over could be used for the general upkeep of the church? Please note that this is only a suggestion and if you rather give for the restricted fund, then that is absolutely fine.
Talking of charitable giving – Fr Tom and I have talked about re-instating the Saturday coffee mornings. First only online moving later towards either a hybrid or only live meetings depending on how the situation develops.
Tom tells me that you have often used those mornings to fundraise for charities and lay plans to be involved in the community. Whether we meet online or live, I am sure we can present charities close to our hearts and maybe find activities to raise funds for them. How would you feel about this?
Would you like to meet up on zoom and then live on Saturdays? Would you prefer mornings (10h-12h), afternoons (2pm-4pm) or early evenings (6pm-8pm)?
How about meeting every first Saturday of the month? 
It would be good to get your input on this.
For any Holy Trinity Geneva friends receiving this: do feel invited! 
For now I wish you much enjoyment on this warm and sunny day and a reflective Holy Week full of Life!
With all blessings,
P.S.  If you have not been able to join Fr Tony Cant (from Writtle) for Morning Prayer, do check out the youtube channel – the reflections are not only well worth listening to, but also very entertaining: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBJWnVdX-uBIA5adMm8-pQg