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Here is a picutre of the beautiful quilt we are raffling for church funds this Christmas. Tickets are CHF 5 each or you can buy 5 tickets for CHF 20 and increase your chances! Tickets on sale after church services and from the office.

A Christmas Tale by Dorinda

THE WOLF’S TALE A STORY FOR TELLING AROUND THE CHRISTMAS TREE One evening quite late in the year, Wolf was getting ready to go on his nightly prowl in search of food.  A light powdering of fresh snow lay on the ground and Wolf sniffed the clear air.  The sky was all lit up with stars but, over there, was a star…

THANK YOU for all those toys….

Here @GenevaAnglican we have been collecting toys and we deliver them to La Jouetterie, a toy store part of the Carrefour- Rue & Coulou Foundation. They make the toys available at low cost to families with few resources where otherwise the children wouldn’t get much at Christmas. Huge thank you to all who donated

Sam’s first sermon for us

Today is the feast of Christ the King, but the Gospel reading shows that Christ’s kingship is not like that of worldly kings. Christ’s kingship has no boundaries and inverts the values of the world because humility and truth characterise Christ as king. But in order to see the real truth of Christ the king, we need to put aside our own…

Vineyards and kids- COP26

An outing with the family and the young people to a 300 year old vineyard to discover the “fruit of the vine and work of our human hands”. The outing showed the group how the component of nature are all connected. A good pedagogical  introduction the Youth Cop 26 this month where all the families understood the need for the protection of nature,…