Holy Trinity Church

Anglican worship in Geneva

ZOOM Security Update!

There are always concerns about cyber security and we would urge all parishioners to contact the church office if they have concerns about Zoom before sharing information with others. There is a lot of misinformation about and most of the highly publicised issues have been either fixed or shown not to be accurate.

We have provided a summary below of what ZOOM and HTC are doing in terms of security.

 What ZOOM is doing:

Zoom, as used by HTC, is the latest version of the product (5.0), and we encourage all viewers to ensure that their version has also been updated to the latest update available. In any event as from 30th May the update will be forced by Zoom itself.The latest version of Zoom supports AES 256-bit GCM encryption, which provides added security to Zoom sessions and Zoom data. Data encryption is basically where your secret or confidential data is translated into another form, or code, so that other people cannot read it.

 WHAT HTC is doing:

The HTC Zoom sessions all use unique passwords, though of course we do have to publicise that to allow the congregation and other people to join.

Each person wishing to attend any services, including the main 10.30 service, has to go through a “waiting room” and is only let into the meeting if the IT team believe they are a genuine worshipper.  That is why you are now asked to wait for admittance. The IT team also monitors the participants during the service and is able to rapidly eject anybody who does not behave in an acceptable way.

Your HTC Council is conscious that Zoom has been the subject of criticism in the past on the subject of security, but the company seem to have reacted rapidly to that criticism, and retain many prestigious, and knowledgeable, companies and institutions as clients.

More details about the security applicable in the latest release, and other measures taken by Zoom are available on the Zoom website, and of course Council will endeavour to respond to any concerns.