Holy Trinity Church

Anglican worship in Geneva

What comes in and what goes out…. a finance update

In the first half of the year, CHF 177,000 came in and CHF 184,000 went out.  The charts below show our income in blue and a breakdown of our expenditure in yellow.

Two thirds of our income, 63%, enables our direct ministry: the privilege of having a full-time priest, many services, opportunities to worship for all who wish to come and pastoral care; our director of music, musicians, the music and opportunities they provide; our youth coordinator, youth leaders with the guidance and care that they provide for young people of all ages; the fellowship and community which is enabled by all these groups. A relatively modest additional amount, not shown in these charts, goes towards charitable giving.

Of the remaining third of our costs, around half 17% is the cost of running and maintaining our building. This enables all the above and is there, not just for the activiities that are organised by us, but is open as often as possible as a place where people can drop in to look around, to pray or just to sit and rest. The remainder goes principally on administrative back-up, including our invaluable secretary and related secretarial expenses, a proportion to central Diocesan costs.

Where does the income come from? Overwhelmingly, 85%, it comes from donations. These can be through the plate collections, pledging or donations either to general funds or specific ministries. We receive a useful income from renting out the church or hall which covers approximately half the costs of maintaining the building. We also receive a useful amount from events that we run, mainly the two annual fairs, social events and concerts.

Anything you give will enable us to continue to provide these ministries. The Voice for Life programme is being re-launched in the autumn, providing musical education for children and a cross-over between our music and youth ministries; we are able to offer both organ and choral scholarships, providing opportunities for young musicians; young adults are planning to launch ‘Eco-church’, making us all more environmentally conscious and friendly; Lectio Divina and Bible studies take place on a regular basis, open to all.

Give in whatever way suits you best. ……….