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Update from Federico

Federico Terzi – update from our Organ Scholar

Corona Crisis has been changing our habits and many aspects of our lives. It is not such an easy period for musicians – professional ones or students – since music needs contacts, reality and sharing and all these factors have been temporally suspended by public health measures.
The current situation is ever more difficult for organists considering that the obligation to stay home denies access to the churches and, in this way, to the daily practice.
At the moment, I am in Milan and I have been here since middle March, when churches and the conservatoire closed in Switzerland.
Fortunately, I own an electronic organ – bought in 2009 – and, more or less, I can keep in shape. Obviously, as an organist I can’t take advantage of virtual classes: a real instrument is needed to have lesson! So, as my final recital has been postponed, I use this time moreover to learn new repertoire and to learn by heart other pieces already known; I teach online harmony and solfège and I take part in some research groups at the university alternating all these activities with good Italian food!

We miss you Federico and are delighted you are playing at our online worship this weekend!