Holy Trinity Church

Anglican worship in Geneva

The Rev Walter Stanley Senior – he loved Ceylon

Rev. Walter Stanley Senior was Chaplain of Holy Trinity Geneva (1933 -36) and had a considerable impact during that short time. He had previously dedicated 20 years of his life to Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) as a priest and educator. I have been worshipping at Holy Trinity Geneva since 1988. As a Sri Lankan Anglican who grew up in Sri Lanka, hearing of Rev. Walter Senior, and reading his beautiful poems, I found it fascinating to delve into Holy Trinity archival material to discover more about this man with such a beautiful character, resulting in this article on his life and times both in Sri Lanka and Geneva, linked to Anglicanism in Ceylon. Walter Senior died in Essex, in 1938. At his request, his ashes were taken to Ceylon and interred in the graveyard of a small hill country Anglican church. The gravestone reads, simply: “ He Loved Ceylon” preceded by the opening lines from one of his poems: “ Here I stand in spirit, as in body once I stood Long years ago, in love with all the land, this peerless land of beauty’s plenitude.”

A history by Manel Kumarakulasinghe