Holy Trinity Church

Anglican worship in Geneva


On Sunday 1 October, the Church Council and Chaplain were pleased to announce the new HTC logo! For something over two years, we have been seeking to identify a logo which will help us develop an integrated image for our publicity and other official HTC publications, giving them a badge of authenticity and authority.

We wanted the logo to say something about the church community which is our spiritual home, as well as what we hope to be in this city of Geneva. To help us we asked a professional graphic artist, Pascal Grossiord of Avec Plaisir Design, to design a logo. We spent some time deliberating over three basic designs which expressed different aspects and aspirations of our community life. In the end, we chose the one which you see above, which reproduces well in many different sizes and either in black-and-white or in colour.

The design is based – of course – on the cross, the central Christian symbol, but speaks of the cross as the Tree of Life, a Tree whose leaves are for the healing of the nations (cf Revelation 22:2). The different colours of the leaves are expressive of the many cultures, backgrounds and nations represented in our community. The openness between the leaves echoes the hospitality of God the Holy Trinity which must be reflected in our common life here. The tree imagery is equally helpful at many levels – speaking of solidity, of slow but consistent growth, and, in our increasingly ecologically-sensitive times, expressive of a deep cleansing of the atmosphere from pollutants.

It may be that you will receive other important messages from the logo, and we hope that you will – and share these messages with us all! The logo will be used on all our official correspondence, publicity and documents (but please note on no others without express permission from the Chaplaincy Council).

We are very grateful to Pascal for his enormous patience as well as his artistic sensibility to the realities of our church community and family here. We hope that this logo will be in use for many years to come and help us in various ways to realise our vocation in this place.