Holy Trinity Church

Anglican worship in Geneva

Sri Lankan Fundraising Supper

What a great evening last weekend to raise money for Sri Lanka. Hosted by Manel, the food was excellent and a total of 2900 CHF was collected!

The guests sang the Hymn for Ceylon

Jehovah, Thou hast promised
The isles shall wait for Thee;
The joyous isles of Ocean,
The jewels of the sea;

Lo ! we, this island’s watchmen,
Would give and take no rest,
(For thus hast Thou commanded,)
Till our dear land be blessed.

The words were written by an English priest called Revd. Walter Stanley Senior, who arrived in Ceylon in the early nineteen hundreds as vice Principal and classics teacher at Trinitiy College Kandy, an Anglican boys school.   It was set to music in the Nineteen Forties; the tune that we sing it to, interestingly is an adaptation of a song from the eighteen hundreds, extolling the City of Anuradhapura, which is a sacred site for Buddhist pilgrims.    Revd Senior left Ceylon in the late 1920s and was Chaplain at Holy Trinity Geneva from 1933 – 1936 .  He simply loved Ceylon and it’s people.  His ashes are interred in a tiny Anglican church in the hill country of Sri Lanka, at his specific request.   His Spirit must have been with us last Saturday !