Holy Trinity Church

Anglican worship in Geneva

SPAM Emails – please delete and do NOT respond to them

Dear Friends
Unfortunately, a number of SCAM e-mails have been circulating in recent weeks, specifically a number purporting to come from Canon Alex Gordon.  
If you receive ANY e-mail purporting to come from him or any other church officer, claiming an emergency, hard-luck story, asking for money, contributions, bank or other personal details, destroy the mails and DO NOT RESPOND TO THEM.  These are fraudulent, criminal attempts to access your money and sensitive personal data.  Neither Canon Alex, nor any other church officer would ever ask you for assistance in this way.  When the church makes an appeal, contributions are requested to the church’s bank account, details of which can be checked on the website or other church literature.  
If you have any doubts, please do not hesitate to contact the church office, admin@holytrinitygeneva.org, 022 731 51 55, or one of the wardens: Fred Samuels frederick.samuels@wipo.int, 079 691 35 23; or Mary Talbot talbotmary@yahoo.com, 079 632 4012.  
We are doing our best to get this latest scam, which is using a variety of sender names none of which is the Chaplain’s, blocked.  Meanwhile, we ask you to ignore these requests however persuasive they may seem.