Holy Trinity Church

Anglican worship in Geneva

Some good news from Canon Alex

Good afternoon everyone!

I am sending the attached photos for your use as appropriate, either in the next Newsletter or website or whatever is appropriate in these trying times!  The following may be a help to explain:

The generous gift which we received from Holy Trinity has meant that we were able, so far, to purchase the Silver Birch tree – you can see that it just tops the hedge behind – a little difficult to see in the photo because there is another tree behind – but the silver looks wonderful against the green of the hedge.  I think that the tree is around 4 metres tall, so it has a really good start! 

But there is much more.  My old Nespresso machine which was a gift many years ago was getting a little unreliable after much use, and Geraldine encouraged me to replace that one with a shiny new model which does even more than the last one.  It has been much in use, not least as we are presently in a lockdown here, as you have been in Geneva for a little longer. 

Finally, we have a new Stress-less chair – very comfortable and just right for (stresslessly) admiring the garden!  Though today in fact we were able to sit outside for a short while and enjoy our lunch there too, which for this part of the Highlands in March is quite something!

These are the tangible parts of your gift so far, and the remainder will be used to purchase software and access to a comprehensive set of Biblical commentaries, which will be of great help to me when next year, we hope, I will be acting as a locum priest around the Diocese.  I decided to postpone this purchase until I have had a better chance to investigate different possibilities, but it will make the suitcases a great deal lighter when we are on the move again!

So once again, very many thanks to everyone for their enormous generosity, so much appreciated by Geraldine and me, and of which we are reminded as we look out into the garden as well as from inside the house!

We both send our love and hope this finds you all well,