Holy Trinity Church

Anglican worship in Geneva

Sermons from November 2017

King of the Universe?

HOMILY at the 9h and 10h30 MASSES for the FEAST of CHRIST the KING (A) 2017 How is a star born? I don’t mean the kind that we might see on cinema or television screens! I mean the kind, some of which if we manage to penetrate the light pollution that is ruining our nights, we might actually be able to see…

Warning about making tradition sterile

HOMILY at the 10h30 MASS for the SECOND SUNDAY before ADVENT (A) 2017 Today’s Gospel reading is a familiar parable – that of the Talents. It is a parable capable of many different interpretations – and we should probably beware of the simplest ones! In S. Matthew’s Gospel, this is the sixth – and last true parable in a series of seven…