Holy Trinity Church

Anglican worship in Geneva

Raclette and Quiz evening

  1. How did the Geneva suburb of Les Eaux Vives get its name?
    ‘Lively waters’ refers to the many springs found there
  2. . What is the origin of the expression: Il parle le français comme une vache espagnole?
     People seemed not to understand the original  ‘comme un Basque espagnole’, so changed it into something more recognisable
  3. Which type of grape is used to make the Valaisan wine ‘La Petite Arvine’?
     La petite Arvine.
  4. In French, car number plates are called ‘plaques minéralogiques’  Why? 
    Because the job of dealing with car plates was first given to the  Service des Mines.

How many did you get right???

A fabulous evening with over 40 attendees raising over CHF 850. Special thanks to Brian Allardyce, Pierre Béchet & Pierre Laravoire for standing & scraping the cheese all evening, Shirley Henrioud who stood up for just as long, if not longer, in the kitchen washing up, to Norman Eatough for organizing the quiz which was answered with more hilarity & excitement than Norman would have wished for, and to the Social Group as a whole. Thanks too to everyone who attended and made the evening such fun.