Holy Trinity Church

Anglican worship in Geneva

Photo Book – huge thanks from Alex and Geraldine

Greetings to everyone today celebrating the joyous Feast of the Most Holy Trinity – your ‘Feast of Title’!  It is a day of many happy memories for me, the particularly intense ones being of the last few years when I was privileged to be with you for this festival.  And by happy chance Geraldine and I received yesterday the wonderful book of memories covering the time from 2014 until 2019 when we were with you.  So much work, energy and love has clearly gone into its production, and not only are we so delighted to have this book from you all but we are greatly humbled also.  Thank you so much for it and above all, once again, for the very happy memories of the years which it enshrines.  Above all else for your love flowing from the heart of the Holy Trinity who draws us together, transforms us, and shares himself with us.  Much love and many thanks to you all.  Alex.

Well done SImone for pulling this lovely gift together