Holy Trinity Church

Anglican worship in Geneva

14 Apr: Outing to L’Isle (in the Jura)





DISCOVER the unusual story of a Protestant Swiss Guard at the Court of Louis XIV, who was so indispensable to the King that he saved his job and his life, even after the revocation of the Edict of Nantes!

Hear about how he lived to come home to his lovely little château, where he participated in the effort to get French Protestants out of France, through the Jura mountains to Yverdon.

The programme includes a visit to the Château with our local guide, Monsieur François Reymondin. He will be telling us about Jean de Léry, who was a Swiss pastor sent to Brazil, and the important work he did there, heralding the era of modern ethnology.

We will then have lunch – you can bring a picnic if it is fine and eat it in the park by the riverbank, or you can go to the local tea-room which I have already checked out and it’s rather nice. They do a “plat du jour” and there are lots of other things on offer.

In the afternoon, a short walk will take us to the source of the River Venoge. And / or, the local “Brocante” (antique and collectibles shop) will be open for a browse.

We will travel by train to Morges and then transfer to a mountain railway, via Apples and Bière (yes, really!) to the charming little town of L’Isle.

Date:                Saturday, 14th April, 2018

Language:       M. Reymondin will be speaking in French, but I or others present will be happy to translate.

Cost:                Your return train fare (approx.. CHF 40)

Guided tour: CHF 50 for the whole group, to be divided up amongst participants

Open to all, young and old and those in-between!

To sign up: please call Dorinda           polecat.alley@gmail.com

OR                               Armel              ayearmel@@yahoo.fr