Holy Trinity Church

Anglican worship in Geneva

Organ Recital Series

Between June and November 2017, a series of 11 organ recitals at HTC is being organised, featuring 10 internationally renowned organists.  Please see the poster below for names and the dates and times of each recital – you can also pick up a flier from the back of church with the same details.

poster organ recital series 2017 revised

Organ Recital Series

Sunday              18th June                            17h00                 Lionel Rogg

Sunday             9th July                               17h00                 Mark Jones

Friday                 18th August                         20h00                 Bruce Neswick

Sunday              27th August                         17h00                 Humberto Salvagnin

Sunday              17th September                  17h00                 Diego Innocenzi

Sunday              24th September                  17h00                 Adrian Roberts

Sunday               1st October                        17h00                 Keith Dale

Sunday               8th October                       17h00                 Vincent Thévenaz

Sunday              29th October                       17h00                 Alan Woodbridge

Sunday               5th November                   17h00                 Mark Jones

Sunday              12th November                  17h00                 Margaret Philipps