Holy Trinity Church

Geneva, Switzerland


Organ Appeal


Current Status (as of 16 September 2015): 71,000 CHF to go!


Welcome to our Organ Appeal website


The high-quality organ in Holy Trinity was built by the Swiss builder Kuhn in 1985. The organ plays a central part in the worship of the church, being used for 3 services each Sunday.


The organ about 1,000 pipes and many thousands of working parts. After 30 years of use, it is time to clean, repair and, if required, replace parts of the organ. Once done, this operation should not be needed again for the next 20 or 30 years.


We are also taking the opportunity to add an electrical control system to the stop action and add playing aids – i.e. the pistons. This will enable the player to fully take advantage of all the possible timbres playable on the organ. We will add ‘Divisional Pistons’ – possibly the only set in the whole of Switzerland.


The work to be done costs 150,000 CHF. We have already raised 75,000 CHF from donations and church funds, leaving 75,000 outstanding.


Help repair & upgrade our organ!


Major Patron: Over 10,000 CHF


·         Option to dedicate a major part of the organ to an individual, family or organisation

·         Selection of a piece of music at the opening recital

·         Name to be recorded in Book of Benefactors


Sponsor a Stop: Between 1,000 and 10,000 CHF


·         Receive a certificate naming the stop

·         Name to be recorded in Book of Benefactors


Pay per Pipe: 100 - 500 CHF


·         Receive a certificate naming the pipe

·         Name to be recorded in Book of Benefactors


How to donate



Post Finance

Account name

Anglican Church of Holy Trinity

Account number



CH84 0900 0000 1749 78971

Swift BIC



Donations can, of course, be made anonymously.

Donations from UK taxpayers also qualify for matching Gift Aid. Download the form here.

If you would like to discuss options for your donation, please email Mark Charles and Mary Talbot at: appeal@holytrinitygeneva.org