Holy Trinity Church

Anglican worship in Geneva

Audio link to Sunday Service 26th April

Please click on the link to listen to Sunday’s service https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/play/6cEuceuoqW43H9XGsgSDV6J7W428L62s1iNP__MExB60AHIDOgaiZrdDYeZU-1BP5hgKviE39rb6iq7L And here is some of the lovely feedback: A lovely service and good to hear our two choirs today. Thank you very much to all the team members. Stay safe. Many thanks for another lovely service and to Revd Chris Welsh from Sydney… we’re so blessed.Just unbelievable that we can see…

Beware of your Backdrop!

“A nosey banker told the Financial Times: “What I love about Zoom is looking at people’s bookcases – the amount of John Grisham they have there!” THE MORAL OF THE STORY: watch out what you’re sitting in front of when that camera’s on!