Holy Trinity Church

Anglican worship in Geneva

The Rev Walter Stanley Senior – he loved Ceylon

Rev. Walter Stanley Senior was Chaplain of Holy Trinity Geneva (1933 -36) and had a considerable impact during that short time. He had previously dedicated 20 years of his life to Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) as a priest and educator. I have been worshipping at Holy Trinity Geneva since 1988. As a Sri Lankan Anglican who grew up in Sri Lanka, hearing…

News from Julia in the UK

Dearest friends,We have moved (again)! And have now arrived in our permanent home! These past few weeks have been rather busy.We arrived in our interim house on 3 August late at night and, in the following days, started to settle in when we heard that we could move into the permanent home within a couple of weeks. So we left most of…

Farewell Message from Julia – plus some images

Dear friends at Holy Trinity, with a car full of animals we set off Monday morning and left rather tearfully our home of 20 years. The journey went very well – apart from one bend when Brownie’s transport box toppled over and the poor rabbit landed on a surprised dog… no one was hurt though. And we arrived safe and sound at…

Julia Lacey – Licensing Service 6th July

Thank you to all who came in person and on line – it was a lovely service Here is the recording if you missed it – Please note this recording was made from the internet please forgive any quality issues https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/_tdvd6mtx2hOTKPG2Xn-dpcKFa_AT6a80CQe-vFcn0wPIAQdDBALtoBEUQoDCFQO?startTime=1594052954000 And some great pictures! All smiling faces!        

Getting ready…..

The tape is in situ all over the floor Across the forecourt and in through the door Seats are numbered just 2 in each pew To comply with guidance and make it safe for you We return this Sunday for Evensong And really hope some of you come along