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Updates and comments from Canon Alex.

LENTEN POSSIBILITIES:  Canon Alex will be speaking at morning services about one possibility that we have during Lent to help us all in our praying.  As  mentioned, two people who have been trained in ‘Spiritual Direction’ (how to guide and assist others in their prayer life) have offered to give time to this ministry with us during Lent this year.  They are willing to accompany individuals who would like some help with their prayer life, and now we must discover two things.  First, who would like this help?  And second at what time of day would you find about twenty to thirty minutes to come to the church building?  Please email the Church Office with your name and an idea of the times of day that would suit you best, headed up Spiritual Direction Lent.  We’ll then work something out for you.  All of us need help and guidance with our prayer life and this is a good opportunity.

SUNDAYS in LENT at the MORNING EUCHARISTS:  Several people have now expressed interest in the idea of an exploration of the distinctive place of Anglicanism in the context of the 500th anniversary of the beginning of the Reformation which is being kept this year.  Canon Alex will look at this in the course of a series of sermons throughout Lent which, as in previous years, will be available in a small pamphlet for those wishing it.  This won’t be ‘just’ an interesting bit of history, but he will hope to show the importance of that history to our present daily lives, both as individuals and members of the Church, and to the wider world.

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