Holy Trinity Church

Anglican worship in Geneva


For many years now, each year Holy Trinity Church has sold popular Christmas Cards, which have been based upon recycled cards from the previous year, painstakingly saved by Annemarie and Alec Hester, and subsequently reworked by them and the Craft Group into new ones for the coming year.

This has been much valued by members of the congregation and others. They will be on sale again this year, and we may someday want to do this again in the future. But for 2018, we have an idea to try something different. For 2018, we would like to sponsor first of all a photographic competition with the purpose of finding good photographs to use of Holy Trinity Church in the winter or at Christmastide suitable for a Christmas card. We will then arrange to get these printed ready for sale next year before Christmas. If we like the idea, then we might go ahead and print a larger number at less cost which could last for a number of years ahead.

But it depends upon you! Please get your cameras out and send us pictures! They should be of Holy Trinity Church, outside or inside, in a ‘Christmassy guise’. If you are able to send them in an electronic form, this would be appreciated, but if not then a printed photograph will be acceptable. Please send them to canonalexgordon@holytrinitygeneva.org before the end of February 2018, or hand them to me personally if they are prints. We’ll announce the winner by Easter.

And if we have too many to choose from, that is not a problem! We might well want to consider a Holy Trinity Calendar with pictures from the congregation. If that looks like a possibility, I will be appealing for more photos in due course!

Alex Gordon