Holy Trinity Church

Anglican worship in Geneva

News from Julia in the UK

Dearest friends,We have moved (again)! And have now arrived in our permanent home! These past few weeks have been rather busy.
We arrived in our interim house on 3 August late at night and, in the following days, started to settle in when we heard that we could move into the permanent home within a couple of weeks. So we left most of our things in boxes, gave up on the idea of buying a cooker – and lived off our little oven, the microwave and a camping stove from my friend for the rest of the time.Oh, and not to forget those Monday – Wednesday half price meals in pubs and restaurants :o)
I received a lovely welcome by my new parish on the first Sunday with coffee and tea in the church garden in glorious sunshine.
On 21 August we then moved into our permanent home (see pictures) and on 22 August I started a week of online summer school for my course… 
So, here we are – and all is well, apart from the sad news that one of our rabbits died suddenly on Saturday. As we don’t know what was wrong with him (he didn’t seem to be ill at all and wasn’t old) we are closely monitoring the others (fingers crossed!).
Tilou (the dog) enjoys long walks around the fields and small oak woods which are all within a 5 minute walk from us. 
Sally will be going back to the boarding house tomorrow and will start school (another fingers crossed – the government seems to change its mind all the time) on Wednesday to start Sixth Form. 
Colin is busy sourcing second hand furniture – we still are sort of camping in the house – and sorting gas and electricity and internet and all that.
I have been busy with my course until Saturday and will now concentrate on work for college and the upcoming induction weekend for the curacy. 
We all miss you and Geneva and France but are also excited about seeing what God has in mind for us here.
The ordination will take place on Sunday, 13 September at 1pm at Chelmsford Cathedral by Bishop Peter. I will send information on this in the coming days :o)
Please keep us in your prayers in this busy time – and please also remember Fr Tom Page and the congregation at Ascension with All Saints as they have to put up with me :o)
With much love from all of us,

Please do contact Michele in the office if you would like Julia’s new address