Holy Trinity Church

Anglican worship in Geneva

Lockdown poetry

One of our congregation has turned to poetry writing during Lockdown – Edith Tanner

Better than birds

Birds are in the wild and flying high

Now and then they make themselves heard.

Whenever you look up you see them in the sky

You start thinking what kind of a bird?

Knowing God who loves his creation

Flying on planes takes us to exotic places

Why don’t we cheer more into celebration?

Never leaving us to our own devices.

Searching for food is not a problem.

The harvest is plenty, the sowers few.

It may take you out of being solemn.

You don’t need any longer to stand in the cue.

Yes, everywhere you are going and looking

The flies are in the skies, they keep you feeding

Stop looking over hedges, no longer searching.

Don’t you think this is revealing?

Us humans, we think we know it better

Have you ever asked yourself where birds come from?

In order to feel comfortable, we need shelter

But they can choose which opens their horizon.

Neither birds nor humans find it easy these days.

It requires lots of guts to find work or hunt

You may feel in total dismay

But God gets you on the right track without any doubt.

Anarchy on our knees

As time goes on

More and more people are forlorn

Similar memories emerge

There seems to be an urge.

Centuries ago, we Western colonised continents

From West to East and North to South

Usually only one party feels content

That’s how these kingdoms became too far stout.

Giving back to what was taken

One can claim it back for ever

Not everything is forsake

History made a turnaround together.

We see people pleading on knees

There must be enough justice for everybody

On television and on streets

We all need to become somebody.

In this new world we now enter in

Lots of healing and negotiations are needed.

Large groups of people have their gatherings

To consult what is pleaded.

The Victorians fear backlash

Until a remedy is quickly found

Prayers are needed more than cash

There will be more demonstrating on the ground.