Holy Trinity Church

Anglican worship in Geneva

Newsletter Editorial Group

Contact: Jane Brooks, Newsletter Editor

The Holy Trinity Newsletter appears monthly throughout the year – with a double issue for December and January and again for July and August.

It is edited, collated and prepared for printing (and subsequently mailed) by an ‘editorial group’ consisting of six volunteers – Rosie Buffle, Jenny Buffle, Lindy Carmalt, Elizabeth Laravoire, Margaret Jacquard and Brenda Stewart under the able editorship of Jane Brooks. This dedicated group works in a deliberately artisanal fashion, cutting and pasting articles that are supplied by church members on a variety of interesting church-related topics and, most importantly, the Chaplain’s monthly message and reports from the Church Council when these are available.  The times of church services and advance notice of concerts, sales, conferences and other activities are a regular feature.

While some may regard this printed service to our church community as slightly outmoded, the modern trend being to put everything online, the Newsletter serves as an easily consulted reference for dates and events, and an interesting magazine to sit down and read in comfort with a cup of tea!

Subscribers comprise not only current church members but also a goodly number of former parishioners who have moved away from Geneva but still like to keep in touch.  There is a strong sense of fellowship and service among the editorial group and they believe that this modest publication represents a positive act of outreach by our church.

Costs are covered by readers’ subscriptions and a few personal advertisements (from subscribers only at CHf.4.- per line).

church-newsletter-imageSubscription rates are:

  • CHF 45 for Swiss subscribers
  • CHF 50 for the EU and Mediterranean countries
  • CHF 60 for overseas.

Subscritions and contributions should be paid into the Church Account.

Articles or letters for inclusion should be sent by the first week of the month to Jane Brooks.