Holy Trinity Church

Anglican worship in Geneva


Dear Congregation,

In these unprecedented and unsettling times, we need to support each other. We have a large number of people who would love to help others and we must have people who would love some help or telephone company. I need to match us all up.

I would like to use this email to collect information on 2 sets of people; (i) those of us who are able & willing to help and (ii) those of us who need help.

We need to all stay safe and if that means you are not able to go out, we will work out how to get you shopping, medicines and anything else you need.

I have a number of people offering to do all sorts of wonderful things, so let’s take them up on their goodwill!

People willing to help

We can all help, even if you are staying safe at home, you could offer to keep in touch with people by telephone.

Can I please ask you to reply if you are able and would like to do any (or all) of the following :

  • Shopping – this includes delivering whilst respecting security distances. As far as possible, I will try and make it local to you. I am available in Eaux-Vives, for example.
  • Medicine – if people need medicine, we can either pick it up and deliver or I can arrange for your pharmacy to deliver to you.
  • Staying in touch – it would be great if we could ensure there is a telephone chain where we all get a certain number of people to call. If you have people you are close to, please let me know and I will allocate them to you. Calls don’t need to be long, just regular.

People needing assistance

Please let us know if you need help with shopping or medicine.

Please also let us know if you know of anyone who might need some help. And it is not just our elders and betters, we are all susceptible to having to isolate or being unwell.

Please also let us know if you, or anyone you know, would like to be included on the telephone chain. I think the more the merrier, so please let me know what the best number to contact you on is.

We will be sending emails every week, but please feel free to write to me if you feel like a chat.

Please stay safe, let us know if you need us and I look forward to making sure we stay connected. 

With warm regards, 

email : admin@holytrinitygeneva.org 
tel : 022 731 51 55