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2017 Annual General Meeting

The 2017 Annual General Meeting for Holy Trinity Church will take place on Sunday 2 April at 11.15 in the Church Hall at Holy Trinity Church, immediately following the Communion service.  Please note that there will be only one morning service on this Sunday, starting at 10.00.  During the meeting, refreshments will be provided, and provision has been made for children to…


It’s that time of year again:  spring.  Which means spring cleaning!  As usual, we will give this dear church of ours a good clean on the Saturday before Palm Sunday, i.e. 8 April.  If you are free between 9 am and 1 pm and would like to give a hand, do let Christine know (christine@damary.org).   Coffee and croissants offered!  

Holy Week 2017

A booklet is available here which details all the Holy Week observances for this year, along with some notes about the significance of each of the celebrations.  Download a copy (or take a copy from church) and use it to help you prepare for this most important time in our year together.


For some time, Care and Concern and others within Holy Trinity have been wondering how best to offer some support and help to those Christians who are suffering enormously at this time, particularly through the wars in Syria and Iraq, but also in other parts of the Middle East.  Canon Alan and Dr Clare Amos have both spoken recently about these matters…


Starting on Friday 10 March, a meal of soup, bread and cheese will be served at 12.30 pm on Friday lunchtimes during Lent in the church hall.  For catering purposes and for the study booklet, we would need to know approximate numbers, so if you would like to take part please inform either Jill in the office (admin@holytrinitygeneva.org) or Christine (christine@damary.org).  The…

2017 Bishop’s Lenten Appeal

This year’s project for support by the Bishop’s Lent Appeal is the Menedékhàz Foundation in Budapest, Hungary  – a shelter for homeless families.  For full details, see the Bishop’s letter in the church porch, take a copy from the Welcome desk or download a copy from this article.


Sunday 21 May:  Spring Lunch, prepared by HTC Social Group and served in the church hall after the mid-morning service.  All welcome! Saturday 17 June:  HTC Spring Fair (books and marmalade). Please note that Seville oranges are now on the market!  Should anyone need empty jars to make marmalade, please let Jackie (jriisjoh2@gmail.com) know.  And for information, Seville oranges can be frozen and used later!


The HTC Christmas Fair committee offers a huge thank you to all stall holders and their willing bands of helpers – and to all who contributed in any way to the successful Fair on Sat 27 Nov. Everybody worked tirelessly and some worked all day in and outside.  Thank you also to those who helped with the planning but couldn’t make it…


Work in the church tower and renovation of the clock has now begun and is expected to last until early spring 2017.  Scaffolding around the tower is in place but the main entrance is still accessible to church-users, with care.  We apologise for any inconvenience caused, but look forward to having a fully revised clock with new housing in the near future.