Holy Trinity Church

Anglican worship in Geneva

BUILDING TOMORROW – the church fabric project

We needed a name for our church renovation project and last week Council chose ‘Building Tomorrow’.  A short and simple name which encapsulates our plans for a church fit for the future.

There were many other great suggestions focusing around the theme of renewal and also some linking to our new logo with tree metaphors.  Some ideas included the name Trinity such as the Voice of Trinity or Trinity Turnaround while others offered alliteration; Refurbish, Refurnish, Replenish and still others a rhyme; Brighten. Lighten and Heighten. The Council enjoyed reading all the suggestions and thank you all for your suggestions.

The renovation project has reached an exciting milestone. The architects are carrying out a feasibility study for presentation to the congregation. Council will then make a decision on the proposals to go forward to the Office des Monuments et Sites and other interested parties.

The feasibility study will include artist impressions of how particular areas might look after the works. For example we will be able to see the effect of lighting; options for a flexible space in the Chancel; perhaps fewer, or no, pews at the front and back of the Church; an enclosed room under the organ loft; and refurbishment of the hall.

Options for creating additional space, which would require digging down will not form part of the presentation as they are subject to further feasibility testing but we do have a cost estimate..

Dates for the presentations, which we hope as many people as possible will attend, will be published shortly.