Holy Trinity Church

Anglican worship in Geneva

Ascension days… past. Recollection by Simone Meyer

For many years we would go up the mountain (aux Monts Voirons) to celebrate a Eucharist service on Ascension Day.That happened several years with The Revd. Mervyn Puleston, also with The Revd. Mike French and once with the Revd. Sue Nightingdale.The weather would dictate where the celebration took place.
In the open air, outside the Sanctuary, facing Mont Blanc. Or, the Sisters would give us access to the original chapel (XVIth century) in the woods and we had to walk there with our picnic.

We would have our picnic outside or inside the house, opposite the chapel which again, the Sisters gave us the use of. Sometimes we had summer weather and sometimes we had snow and made a fire in the house. I seem to remember Ben Holt was good at building a fire. But, whatever the weather a lot of us came up.
In the afternoon we would go down to the Sanctuary where the Sisters would welcome us with drinks and cakes and chat with us.

This is the Sanctuary with the HOLY TRINITY BELL that was given to the Sisters as a gift when they were building the Sanctuary in 1984/1985.You can see the rope on the left. Every Sunday, a lot of people come up from the valley to attend the mass celebrated here – so, they are all called to prayer by the HOLY TRINITY bell.

Revd. Mervyn Puleston added this as an addendum:.
”In 1987, on what was a very wet day, many of us from Holy Trinity drove up to the Voirons to “Christen” the chapel bell which had been presented to the sisters as a gift from the church.  Fr. Sunipa Tevi duly “christened” and blessed  the bell as one of the godparents, and then sounded it. Simone Meyer was the other godparent and she came forward and sounded the bell in her turn.  Afterwards all the sisters came up in their turn and sounded the bell, the last sister was small and timid and she gave it a tiny ting. The bell is regularly used to summon the sisters to worship. During my chaplaincy we made an annual pilgrimage on Ascension day, holding a Eucharist, and then having a picnic.  Fortunately the weather was usually fine and we had glorious views over the mountains.  What a wonderful way to spend Ascension Day.  After I left Mike French kept up the tradition as well as Sue Nightingale. More recently we had a holiday with Nick and Simone and as Ascension day happened to fall when we were there we had the pleasure of being able to take part.’’