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An anecdote for St Peter and St Paul – Valerie Offord

HTC Service 28 June St Peter and St Paul

Some years ago in my previous parish in Kidlington, Oxfordshire there lived  an retired priest Canon Whye   who often helped out at church services – a perfect gentleman who would politely greet you in the street by doffing his hat if on foot  or by stepping off his bicycle.

One day on the way to church as he politely dismounted I noticed that he was wearing socks of different bright colours under his cassock.  I hesitated whether I should draw his attention to this rather odd apparel – perhaps he was colour blind or just becoming rather neglectful of his sartorial elegance with the passing of time.

Well I decided to remark on this apparent eccentric behaviour. With a twinkle in his eye he explained that very day was  the Feast of St Peter and Paul and he did not think it would be fair to favour just one of the saints so he was wearing a red sock for St Paul and a blue sock for St Peter.