Holy Trinity Church

Anglican worship in Geneva


Dear Members of Holy Trinity

We have a number of vacancies for members of the church to serve in elected positions : Churchwarden, Member of Council and Representative to the Archdeaconry Synod. Elections will take place at the AGM to be held at 11.30 on Sunday, 31st March in the Church Hall. Nominations must be submitted not later than 72 hours beforehand. We very much encourage those of you who may be interested to come forward and discuss this with the Chaplain, one of the Churchwardens, or any member of the existing Council.

To be eligible to stand or to support someone else, you must be a inscribed on the Electoral Roll. You are eligible to join this Electoral Roll if you are baptised, over 16, and have worshipped regularly in Holy Trinity for six months. You also need to be a member of the Church of England, or a Church in communion with the Church of England – alternatively you may be a member in good standing of a Church not in communion with the Church of England, but willing to declare yourself also a member of the Church of England.

The Council is made up of all the functions listed in the first paragraph above, in addition to the clergy, Lay Readers and, where necessary, a small number of ex officio posts. The chief purpose of Council is to co-operate with, and support, the Chaplain in promoting in the chaplaincy the whole mission of the Church, pastoral, evangelistic, social and ecumenical. This applies to all Council members, and very particularly to the Wardens – and requires a commitment to forming a shared vision and exercising active leadership within the church community.

The Wardens also act as the Bishop’s officers in the church. They have a leading role in representing the laity, in supporting and co-operating with the Chaplain, and in promoting unity and peace. They have a particular responsibility for the fabric and property of the church.

Council also acts as the channel of information and implementation between the Synod of the Diocese in Europe, the Swiss Archdeaconry Synod, and the Chaplaincy. This is our link to the Church of England hierarchical structure and is a focus especially for the Synod representatives.

In addition, Council has the responsibility for controlling the finances and administration of the Chaplaincy effectively, and for taking an active role in leading the implementation of decisions made by the Council as well as the general work of the church. It is therefore particularly important that those who stand for election as Churchwarden, Council Members or Archdeaconry Synod Representatives, are prepared to take individual and collective responsibility for delegated areas of the Chaplaincy’s ministry and activities. There is a lot of work to be done and it needs to be spread amongst all Council members.

There are two churchwarden vacancies. Election takes place each year. Fred Samuels and Mary Talbot have both indicated that they will stand.

We have nine elected Council members and three vacancies for a three-year term from 2019 to 2022. Mark Charles has indicated that he will stand for re-election, Julia Lacey, who was co-opted in 2018 has indicated that she will stand. Mike Gunton who will take over from Mary Talbot as Treasurer has also indicated that he will stand.

There are two vacancies for Archdeaconry Synod Representatives, both for one year. Swamikan Raja and Lameck Jaston have indicated that they will stand.

The fact that there are candidates willing to stand should not prevent others who are interested in putting their names forward for election for any of the roles.

Nomination forms are available at the back of the church – or may be requested to be sent electronically, or by post, from the church office. Click on link below for form.

Mary Talbot
Secretary March 2019