Holy Trinity Church

Anglican worship in Geneva

A Prayer for the Interregnum

As we enter an interregnum and start the process of discernment for a new chaplain, Council has been considering how to embed both our ongoing activities and the search process in a cycle of prayer. Below is a prayer, which has been written for us, which we invite you to use during the coming weeks. We will also be asking others, including groups, to write additional prayers which may be used in addition or instead of this one. 

Meanwhile, please pray for Council as they hold their first vacancy meeting on 20th January, for our locum chaplain, Revd. Maree Wilson, for the wardens, Fred Samuels and Mary Talbot and for all those who enable our ongoing ministry in many ways.

God of grace, God of glory,

Holy Trinity, diversity in unity,

we thank you that you have set us in this place,

blessed by the beauty of your creation,

where history witnesses to longing for freedom, justice and peace.

We thank you for our church and community,

where we have found a welcome,

have worshipped and learned, cared, loved and grown.

In this time of change may we support one another,

cherishing the gifts of the past while building together a new tomorrow.

As we journey onwards with a song of hope on our lips,

may our vision be inspired by the heights which surround us,

encouraging us to step out joyfully on the paths that lie ahead,

seeking your wisdom and your will,

to move with generosity into the future you would have us form.

In the name of Christ we pray. Amen