Holy Trinity Church

Anglican worship in Geneva

A poem for Lindy

Lindy’s smiles from her heart touched many

Wise woman stayed cool and considered

She wasn’t one like any

A real role model for anyone and liberate.

Always ready for a laugh, she was one of the staff

Teaching singing and piano were her compassion

Always busy putting music scores together

She was a real pillar and music was her passion.

Hospitality was big in her loving family

A door was open for everyone

Family and church had a big role to play

A heart that reaches anyone.

Lindy loved nature, herbs and plants

To have a garden was her delight

Walking on many trails in the Swiss Alps

She never lost sight despite of the plight.

Seeing her made my life happier

Very energetic Lindy sparked my spirit.

Felt ever so well and healthier

Her smiles felt like lasting love imprints. 

Conducting children every Sunday

At any moment she steps in singing the sound.

They loved her music and her encouraging way

And made the parents in the pews proud.

Edith Tanner 2020