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Posts from July 2020

1st of August

1st of August Swiss love myths They like their mountains and glaciers And sing anthems, all fits And get melody from the Brits They are a Nation of “Skiers” Not easy if you love beaches They make good hikers and bikers If not, they become one of the preachers The Swiss are good art collectors Their constitution is based on the Yankees…

Julia Lacey – Licensing Service 6th July

Thank you to all who came in person and on line – it was a lovely service Here is the recording if you missed it – Please note this recording was made from the internet please forgive any quality issues https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/_tdvd6mtx2hOTKPG2Xn-dpcKFa_AT6a80CQe-vFcn0wPIAQdDBALtoBEUQoDCFQO?startTime=1594052954000 And some great pictures! All smiling faces!