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Posts from April 2019

SPAM Emails – please delete and do NOT respond to them

Dear Friends Unfortunately, a number of SCAM e-mails have been circulating in recent weeks, specifically a number purporting to come from Canon Alex Gordon.   If you receive ANY e-mail purporting to come from him or any other church officer, claiming an emergency, hard-luck story, asking for money, contributions, bank or other personal details, destroy the mails and DO NOT RESPOND TO…

The New Newsheet (June)

T A word of introduction to the monthly newsheet!  As our new style Magazine is appearing quarterly now, the Newsheet aims to keep an up-to-date Calendar of events month by month.  It will be available in ‘hard copy’ in church or on the church website.

Lent 2019 Homilies

This year during Lent I have tried as we have progressed through the Sunday lectionary for year C to look at some ways in which we may discover the transfiguring presence of God in cloudy areas of our lives, picking up, of course, on the Gospel for the Sunday before Lent which is the story of Christ’s Transfiguration. The homilies are more…