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Bishop’s Advent Appeal 2018

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, BISHOP’S ADVENT APPEAL 2018 This year’s Advent Appeal is to enable St. Andrew’s Moscow to equip their church with a kitchen. St. Andrew’s is committed to the work of reconciliation and the building of trust between peoples. It fulfils this key element of our diocesan strategy in a unique and powerful way. It is not putting…

Brexit: an end to diversity in unity?

Read the latest blog from the honorary Director of Lay Discipleship in the Diocese in Europe, our very own Dr Clare Amos, on the nature of the continent of Europe and the implications of Britain’s decision to leave the European Union. http://www.anglicannews.org/blogs/2018/10/brexit-an-end-to-diversity-in-unity.aspx

19th November – the Big Conversation

“Ecumenism…a dead duck?” The Open House, Ecumenical Centre 7.00 – 9-30 p.m. Matthew Ross has been involved in Ecumenical matters on behalf of the Church of Scotland for most of his working life.  He now works as part of the World Council of Churches in Geneva.  His insights and his passion are informed and infectious. No cost. If you wish to attend…

5th December – The Big Conversation

“What the World Church has to teach us” The Open House, Ecumenical Centre 7-00- 9-30p.m. Isobel Phiri – Isobel Phiri has served in high office in the World Council of Churches for many years and brings sharp informed insights into the state of the world Church, and the lessons we can learn here from the experiences of the global family of faith.…