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Posts from October 2017

Christmas Card Sales

 Thanks again to the many people who generously passed on their last year’s cards to *recycle” for the Christmas Fair, the Craft Group has produced a fine collection to suit all tastes with the usual low prices (rectangular cards 1 fr. each and square cards 3 fr. for two). They will be on sale already after the 9 o’clock and 10.30 services…


For many years now, each year Holy Trinity Church has sold popular Christmas Cards, which have been based upon recycled cards from the previous year, painstakingly saved by Annemarie and Alec Hester, and subsequently reworked by them and the Craft Group into new ones for the coming year. This has been much valued by members of the congregation and others. They will…

BUILDING TOMORROW – the church fabric project

We needed a name for our church renovation project and last week Council chose ‘Building Tomorrow’.  A short and simple name which encapsulates our plans for a church fit for the future. There were many other great suggestions focusing around the theme of renewal and also some linking to our new logo with tree metaphors.  Some ideas included the name Trinity such…

Archive Request

If you have any unwanted photographs of events that took place in Holy Trinity at any time in the past (especially if you know the dates) would you please let Valerie Offord or Christine Damary have them for inclusion in our Archives which will be stored in the Geneva State Archives.  Thank you.