Holy Trinity Church

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2017 Annual General Meeting

The 2017 Annual General Meeting for Holy Trinity Church was held on Sunday 2 April at 11.15 in the Church Hall at Holy Trinity Church.  Congratulations to our two Church wardens – Ann Shazell and Fred Samuels.  They were formally ‘admitted’ by the Chaplain on behalf of Bishop Robert on Easter Sunday at the 10h30 Eucharist.  Also, we have two new Council members – Jo Kitson and Swamikan Raja – in addition to Carol Brown and Benjamin Jesudoss who were re-elected for a further 3-year term, and to the Archdeaconry Synod (which includes Council membership), Roy Damary, Ursula McGregor, Clare Amos and Mary Talbot.

All the relevant AGM documents can be downloaded here:

* The formal notice convening the Annual General Meeting  

*  the 2017 Agenda

*  the Minutes from the 2016 AGM

* the Chaplain’s report for 2016-2017

* the Churchwardens’ report

* Council report

* Archdeaconry Synod report

* Financial report for 2016

* Auditor’s signed report

* HTC Budget for 2017

*  a nomination form for vacant roles

*  a letter of explanation about the elections 

In order to be able to vote in the elections, you need to have worshipped at Holy Trinity during the previous six months and to be included on the Electoral Roll.   If you are not yet a member of HTC but would like to join, please complete the form attached here