Holy Trinity Church

Anglican worship in Geneva

1st of August

1st of August

Swiss love myths

They like their mountains and glaciers

And sing anthems, all fits

And get melody from the Brits

They are a Nation of “Skiers”

Not easy if you love beaches

They make good hikers and bikers

If not, they become one of the preachers

The Swiss are good art collectors

Their constitution is based on the Yankees

Not only are they good inventors

But had their own legendary marquees.

Engraved deriving from Psalms

A patriotic monk wrote the words

To bring God into the nature and realms

And being tuned into fine accords.

Each canton and communities have their activities

Integrity and solidarity are pronounced

They invite politicians and celebrities

Adding to the highlights and setting the grounds

There is more to say than this

People get emotional and patriotic

The elite think they owe a bliss

During champions league they get euphoric.

A history of battles we have long forgotten

What else do we remember from the past?

Politicians need to be besotted

Let’s have a new cast.